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Kidprenuer Class


 Are you a kid or teen who would like to start your own business and earn some extra cash?

There is no time like right now to become a Kidprenuer!

 Having a small business can be challenging but also rewarding for kids. Over the years many kid’s made lemonade, mowed lawns, sold cookies or candy and delivered newspaper to earn some extra cash. In today’s world, many Kidprenuer’s  have graduated from the traditional business of selling cookies or lemonade to growing and being business owners making executive decisions and are successful at it.

 Our Kidprenuer class introduces you to the business world and help guide you through the steps of starting your very own business. We help you create a business plan, business cards and market your business. ­­To be a successful business owner, you must put in the time, hard work and dedication. Starting a business can be a fun way to unleash your mind, build confidence and show your creativity.


*Parents: If your child is interested in attending one of our Kidprenuer classes or selling at our Kidprenuer business fair, please complete the form below to receive an email with details on our upcoming classes and events.


We look forward to meeting you!